Back to Basics

I have been ignoring my diet in the sense of not bothering. Naturally my digestion has gone to hell. Trying to get back on track again.

Oatmeal made in the traditional way on stove top..with powdered flax, no added sugar but with dried cherries and goji berry and topped with coconut and pumpkin seeds.Used coconut milk.


Slow around here

I honestly have not been making food as much lately because I am going through a stage where whatever I eat makes me feel too full. This in turn ruins my appetite. This has been an ongoing issue with me for years and I’m not sure its cancer related as much as gut health related. So out come the digestive enzymes.

I have actually been fermenting things but have no photos to show tonight. Thats another integral part of gut health.

Next week, I have another scan. It has taken this long to get it approved by insurance since my second opinion appointment in June. Theres a special place in hell foranimals that run insurance scams…I mean…preapprovals. PET scans are standard to cancer. They are the only way to see if tumors are active. Not sure why the morons who refused it initially deemed it medically unnecessary…stupidity? Meanness? Are they unqualified to make medical decisions? I believe thats likely.

At anyrate, I have been okay until I got news of the appointment and now I feel anxious again. Theres more news on that horizon but I’m not sure that  I’m ready to mention it as it seemed a little improbable to me. I want to hear it again before I invest in it…its neutral news but it leads me to think that something odd is going on. Sorry to be mysterious about this.

But hey, check out The Healing Mark…thats where all the action is these days:)

Honey Time

Last week, I was walking around trying to get snapshots for landscape art when I noticed one of our hives was awfully quiet. Compare the two. I also noticed a rather strong hum and meant to go tell Garry but something came up and I forgot.

Eventually Garry heard the hum as well, but unlike me, he looked up into the trees and found three swarms.

See the scouts flying around in the sky area of this pic? The brown clusters are the swarms. Luckily we had a couple of Amish boys working on our land so they helped capture two of the swarms, but when they all went back to work after lunch, the hives were empty again. 

 Bees swarm when there are more than one Queen, which was the case.They also swarm when the hive healthy. They leave with a queen to start anew. When we looked later, the quiet, vacated hive was full again so at least one swarm simply returned home. It would of been great to actually have doubled our hives but thats okay. We still have one more on an organic farm so perhaps that we may be able to split hives next year if they survive. 

In the meantime, we unabashadly have robbed two supers

About 60 lbs worth of honey. Garry is off trying to assess the third one woth a master bee keeper. He is of the mindvthat this robbing will keep them busy enough to not seek a new home, thereby preventing swarming. Thats the theory. The bees do have mites however and we will likely treat them. 

Note that we left a winters supply of honey in each hive. We will probably sell it as the two boxes represent 5 gallons. A gallon does us for a year and that includes gift giving. 

Honey is neither vegan nor is it alkaline but its still very good for you. We do not mistreat our bees. Infact, it looks like robbing the honey we do helps hives survive. If they fly off into the wild, they could die whole searching for a home. Here we care for them. Even if we dont eat alot of it, its a worthwhile experience. Conserving the honey bee s deeply important. 


I accidentally switched themes on this blog instead of the Healing Mark. I have been having trouble with some of the features on both actually-they have been buggy-comments disappeared on the display all of a sudden on the art blog and this one seems to have a notification delay attached to it.  Maybe this is a good thing then:) I will attend to the details such as blog links soon.  I want to test this theme out for bugs for a couple of days. Please let me know if you encounter issues on either of my blogs.

In the meantime, raw foods tip-do not grow wheat grass in summer when there are fruit flies running amuck;)

and tip #2

When a recipe calls for fresh raw strawberries, DO NOT…and I mean NEVER EVER-beleive it will solidify without freezing. Here is a frozen strawberry, chocolate truffle-raw except for the chocolate.

DSCF0002 2.JPG

My Art Blog


I changed its name to “the Healing Mark”. Address still the same but I didn’t  want to confuse anybody who might visit. I’ve added two works….been busy making a happy mess…so much so that I’m not “un-cooking” much of anything exciting, just salads and fruits. I might be there more as for now, I feel a sense of urgency to achieve something that I’ve said I wanted for my entire adult life yet because of many reasons, never actually strived towards consistently…finding my personal best as an artist. Likely, I’ll just toggle back and forth between the two blogs equally:)

Hope everybody is well.


Berry season

10 lbs purchased berries, plus another 20 lbs given to us by a neighboring organic farm in exchange for our beekeeping services, plus another few lbs on the way… you think we could use more strawberries? lol.

These are all frozen and eaten throughout the year. In addition, our raspberries are ripening plus we have a flush of mulberries and an even smaller amount of aronia and goji,  which likely will just get eaten straight away. Its our first year for the three, so I feel lucky to be getting any at all.

Other than freezing, I may opt to make jams but I haven’t felt up to it. I have made fruit leather however so might get around to making more. Both drying and freezing are optimal ways to preserve the nutrients in many foods. Fermenting is another but I have not tried it with fruit.

Buying bushels of produce while its fresh and in season plus local, then preserving them is how one can make a raw/ alkaline diet sustainable throughout the winter months. The key is keeping nutrients intact without relying on the acidification that sugars and vinegars bring to the table.

Luckily, I enjoy these passtimes. Do you?



Happy Fathers Day 

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake made mostly by using Peaceful Cuisines recipe. Had I not poured on blueberry syrup it might not have cracked. It was delicious however- not raw(crust is baked and filling cooked on stovetop) but very worth it. Easy as well. His recipe calls for less cashews. I added 2 cups total because I have made desserts using agar agar in the past that solidified into a dense gelatine which can be fine but its not what I wanted with this. I increased the nuts but kept the agar measurement the same and instead of water I used coconut water. He also uses a smaller pan so mine is thinner but still was appreciated. 

Early Season CSA “Box”

I’m a great believer in creating community food supply chains but in my region, our local farmers have been hard pressed to offer early season boxes for a variety of reasons. Yet once in awhile we have an opportunity to encourage somebody in that endeavor and while our young farmer struggles to fill those boxes the orders grow each week,  slowly but surely.  Last week he added eggs from his hens which Garry loved, but this week, those hens were raccoon food. We don’t know what co es in ahead of time.So what have we here?

From the back: spinach, kale, garlic scapes, bok choy, lingon berry(?), radish, cilantro. 

Whats on the menu? Salads, pesto ( the scapes), fermented bok choy plus something dehydrated with the cilantro. 

After my trip to Madison, where I fell off the diet bandwagon, I have actually been in alot of pain. I had to resume taking acid reflux medication and am struggling a bit with other pain. What did I eat? You really don’t want to know, but lets say this- sugar, bad fats and poor grain choices make for one angry liver and body.  I have been detoxing since. No matter what anybody tells you- detoxing does not feel great. 

As to the purpose of my trip? I am not happy with the second opinion. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear but thats not it. I felt that I was in the wrong place with the wrong doctor. I sensed that he felt the need to defend my home base hospital which meant that he wasn’t hearing me. I left there feeling oddly dirty. I have no other way to explain it. He wasn’t rude or mean. It was the vibes. 

 So I discussed this visit with my primary and she suggested that I go to Mayo or to one of the Cancer Centers of America. I have to get pre approval for either consult from my insurance company. So the struggle continues. 

Gazpacho Recipe



Summer is here, arriving about a month later than usual. We had no opportunity to acclimate and so its been a struggle for me. I love hot weather but our region involves humidity and thats really tough on me. I can’t breathe out there as it feels like I’m drowning.  I’m a natural desert dweller I guess;)

Gazpacho is probably the easiset raw dish a person can make as it involves only a knife, cutting board and maybe a blender.  Its tomato based and I’m willing to bet thats nearly everybodys favorite flavor. Any spices can be added so its customizable. I think the key is to make it a day ahead so that its very cold when served and that the flavors have a chance to “marry”. Blending is optional but I like to do that because I get tired of sweet smoothies. Its nice to drink this instead.

My current recipe:

2 large tomatoes, diced

1/2 red onion, diced

1 ear corn, shucked

1/2 of English cucumber, diced

About two inches of diced young garlic- thats garlic that hadn’t formed its cloves yet….but use regular garlic if thats not available.

2 cups no sodium tomato juice, or juice your own

lemon juice and black pepper to taste

Place everything in a blender and puree until smooth, then chill. Or if eating it chunky style, in a bowl and chill.

Toppings: balsamic vinegar, avocado, green onion, pumpkin seed, nigella seed, sumac powder

About the plating. Two words- Matthew Kenney. I am not the type to follow chefs as a rule but this guy is a rock star in my opinion and I am now a fan girl:) Check his Instagram out and also google his very interesting talks on Ted Talks regarding his journey into raw foods. I recently got my paws on one of his cookbooks so I’ll be taking things up a notch as well.



Dessert: yes,its on the menu

I have been out of town for two weekends in a row-last week we went to an immigration appointment for Garry in wonderful Milwaukee (get all your ducks in a row in Trumps America) and then of course, this week we were in Madison. Also this  week , we  brought our dog Molly since we couldn’t get our daughter here for the weekend to babysit.


Road trips are hard at the best of times, but when one has dietary specs they are harder and harder still is when you have a dog who is prone to anxiety and cannot be left in a hotel room alone and yet cannot be left in a car either since we were in the midst of a heatwave………so my diet went to hell despite my best intentions. I did bring some foods so that helped. I am getting back on track today.

The night before we left to Milwaukee and inspired by the success of my granola, I made the raw version of baklava.



This version uses thinly sliced, ripe pears to replace the philo pastry. There are recipes online but I winged it. Basically, I sprinkled each layer with cinnamon then drizzled our home produced honey over that before topping with granola, etc. I then placed the serving platter into the dehydrator at 115 Farenheit for about an hour. The only problem was that I didnt make huge portions as this was too die for!

Sugars are strictly off of cancer diets in processed forms and limited in natural forms because cancer cells thrive on it so its eaten sparingly if at all. Honey is actually acidic and not vegan but we harvest our own from our beehives who we spoil like human babies and when we rob we don’t take it all-the bees get most of it. Those are the issues you want to look for in mass production along with honey that is diluted with processed syrups.  Our honey is very sweet so a little goes a long way therefore using it sparingly comes naturally.

Its far too hot today to turn on the dehydrator but I was hoping to come home and make some staples since I felt challenged to travel with this diet. It made me think about simplifying.

Some issues are afoot in town regarding a slaughterhouse. I am not fully up on it but it was all granted by the town counsils in underhanded ways and there are local water issues at stake as a result. The place will slaughter up to 700 pigs a day. Nobody seems concerned about that-just the water issues. The wish appears to be to move the waste water elsewhere. Away. But if you all have ever read the Archdruid Report-he has pointed out many a time-there is no such thing as  “away”.

I might have some facts wrong on this-so far what I have mentioned was brought to my attention by somebody who was getting people interested in fighting this. But I was not focused on it at the time she was talking to me and my thoughts were much more akin to concern about the animals. I could lend my support of course but I really wanted to watch how it unfolds in regards to people getting it as a whole picture rather than its parts-the parts that affect humans only.

I don’t have a vote regardless. But its been interesting to note that Facebook is actually useful sometimes, as that is the mode of communications on such matters. I am still not going back;)