Golden Milk, Herbs as Food

As a cancer patient, I have asked doctors if I can have the herb nettles and they have balked but then rephrased, asking if I can have nettle soup, explaining its a spring green and they were  all for it. I noticed this with the star of todays post, turmeric. Not allowed to take curcumin tablets but the fact that its a food brings no objections. Of course single extracts of one viable constituent isnt the way to take an herb in most cases, but thats not the concern.  Its the idea of supplements being antagonistic to chemo or radiation is.

This is a true concern, but when you are in the game long enough, it begins to dawn on you that theres a world of complimentary care that many cancer patients are unaware of ( afraid of) and the many that at the very least, have better quality of life if not cure because they partake in natures medicine. There was infact an article in Cure magazine a few years ago that stated that a large number of cancer patients supplement but never mention it to oncologists.

In the case of turmeric, I was asked not to take it the day before or on the day of bloodwork because it “skews” tests.  Always ask your dr. or pharmacist to look up contraindications or antagonistic effects, especially with turmeric because its been widely studied and its just not true that its always harmless. The answers are out there however, so please look.


Golden Milk

Two ways, this being easy and instant. ( Golden paste is also easy but I havent made it in awhile) .

1 cup vegetarian milk

Bring this up to heat on a low flame.

Add 1 tsp turmeric powder, and if you feel up to it, grated ginger

grind fresh peppercorns into the pot

Stir and cook for a few minutes. Add tsp. of coconut oil.

Strain and serve.

You may sweeten with honey.

You could omit ginger but not the other ingredients as they help turmeric become bioavailable. You could make this, cool it and add to a smoothy without straining it as well.




3 thoughts on “Golden Milk, Herbs as Food

  1. Sue, there is a debate regarding supplements vs. food when it comes to turmeric. It is important to make it bio available because even as powerful as it is, its not going to absorb into the body without help. Now make no mistake-it DOES absorb just not to its full potential without the cooking, the pepper and some kind of an oil. If you think about it, that is how it is taken traditionally-in spiced foods cooked in oils. However, I have read that for cancer patients and those who have severe inflammation, its okay to the supplements because then you can take higher doses. So its up to you. Have it as a bedtime drink sometime and still take your supplements and see if there is a change for you. I have lecture notes on it somewhere from a KP Khalsa web caste. I will try to find them and add them here for you but don’t hold your breath-my “notes” are everywhere and nowhere. lol.


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