Herbal Facial Wash for Acne

My doctor warned me that this new chemo would give me acne and though I already had developed a skin rash from my previous treatment, I still didn’t believe her. And yet here I am-too embarrassed to step outside now that I have horrific pustules all over my face! I have them in my ear canal and my scalp too.

For somebody who has always taken care of my skin and who has had nothing more than blackheads in my teen years, this is absolutely shocking! I will begin a course of anti-biotics today to help but in the meantime and to help my skin along topically, I made a face wash. DSCF9457.JPG

I made it using the “folk method” which means that there were no precise measurements. My aim was for equal parts of the herbs.

1 part calendula -anti-inflammatory

1 part echinacea-anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial

1 part yarrow-antiseptic, wound healer

Steeped in approximately 3 cups of boiling water in a French Press.  Note to self….make less next time.

Once cooled, apply frequently by dabbing gently  with a cotton ball. If you have pimples or pustules, do not rub. If you have time, try this formula as a compress-soak a clean flannel cloth in the tea and ring out slightly, then place over affected area while you sit back and relax.



My breakouts can only be controlled and will continue the entire 3 months that I am on this treatment. My concern is that my skin will be destroyed by the time it can heal. So I am working on making it more resilient and giving it a fighting chance to not scar.

My next project is a frankincense lotion but I am having some trouble gathering supplies. Every time I think I am ready I discover I have the wrong thing or not enough of the right thing!

This might seem like an added burden-but I love formulating herbs and oils and I have always taken care of my skin. Its just that now, I have acne which I am not familiar with on a personal level. However, the side effects of this chemo regiment are at a minimum compared to the last treatment. I am not nauseated constantly. I have a sense of taste in my mouth that is normal. I am not going to lose my hair. I am not as tired. It won’t affect my white blood cell count so not going into isolation again.



Do you make home treatments for your skin?



6 thoughts on “Herbal Facial Wash for Acne

  1. Oh so sorry you are going through this other side effect of your treatment Linda.. I hope that this herbal treatment soothes and helps heal your skin..
    I personally have never made any thing like this, but my daughter made a very good lip balm.. I cannot tell you what she used, but she makes lots of things like that and essence sprays,… Which she would often give me to sample, which I loved..
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, and I hope you are soon pimple free.. xxx Love and Hugs

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    • Thanks Sue. I would rather this side effect than the crippling nausea of the last treatment round but its still not a good thing to go through. How lucky you are that you daughter made things for you! Nothing like a home made potion in my very high opinion:) For me, the wash worked quite a bit so I am feeling hopeful.

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      • So good the wash is working.. And I so remember how my sister battled through chemo and that sickness.. She said that the treatment was horrendous.. And things have improved some what since the early 90’s when she underwent her Cancer treatments.. xxx
        Sending love, and I hope you have a better week.. ❤ xx

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      • Thanks Sue. Some treatment has changed but alot of it still wrecks havoc in other ways unfortunately. I have learned to just expect something to hurt or be hurt, by the treatment. It is what it is (meaning I don’t say this with bitterness).


  2. Pimples in the ear, are really painful! My sympathies. Have you tried green tea? It’s an anti-inflammatory, both drinking it and applying, topically.

    Here’s a link: https://54health.com/tea/green-tea/detox/acne/

    I was thinking of making a moisturising cream with it recently too, from this recipe: http://helloglow.co/whipped-green-tea-coconut-oil-moisturizer/

    Very simple ingredients, so beauty care and cleanliness can bring peace of mind. I hope this passes for you, eventually, without leaving scars. Your facial wash sounds very soothing. 🙂

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    • That cream looks amazingly delicious and luxurious as well as super simple. Might be more of what I need while I continue to daudle on the frankincense lotion. lol. Let me know if you make it. I do drink green tea-next time I will just swab it on my face to see if there is a difference as well. Thanks for the tip!


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