Our Ladies of Perpetual Joy


Alter to Our Lady (of Perpetual Help and Guadalupe) Of Joy, Self titled

I grew up with a special relationship to Mary and though I have expanded beyond ordinary Catholicism, I still feel her power to calm, heal, ground and bring me great joy.  I don’t worship the Mother (which is what non Catholics believe  we do),  I honor her.

That she has saved my life in the past is irrefutable fact in my families history. Today infact nearly marks 24 years of life given to me after she healed me when giving birth to my children nearly killed me. Nearly because today is their birthday and it was a few days later that my aunt came and prayed over me but today is the day we mark my second birthday in my family-I lived along with my beautiful twins, Jasmine and Battle.

What I feel when in contemplation with the Mother  is similar to when a person feels the Holy Spirit which we also do not worship btw. I have felt a great deal of love unfolding in both as well as from other beings. I won’t discount these experiences.

At anyrate, during a meditation and prayer session at this very alter, I got a sense of artistic direction. I had spoken to my friend K. about art earlier and had explained that the Ikon painting process was prayerful (yes, that is my first Ikon up there) and that I wished to continue forward with spirituality and art. She advised that I pray over it (obvious answer;) so I did. And I got a huge directive as a result:

Shrines. Alters.

And so I have found a purpose! It should of been obvious in retrospect.

I don’t profess to understand the spirit world enough to advise and dictate anything regarding faith healing. I have experienced it personally as I said already.  Many others have as well. I know this might seem downright eccentric to some. But this is a blog about healing-all kinds of healing-not just food.

Even if its not a life saving situation, why not sit and contemplate the spirit world as you know it and ask for a healing. Intent is the key as is focus, gratitude and faith. Try it and let me know!




13 thoughts on “Our Ladies of Perpetual Joy

  1. Mother Mary is very powerful and healing.. 🙂 and I know when we reach out they listen, and when our hearts open.. we receive. I believe.. xx Sending more vibes to add to your own Linda..
    Love and Blessings… All is well in your world.. xxx

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  2. I’m glad you have found a direction for your creativity. It’s not easy when you’re being tested, as you are. I hope you get a lot of pleasure and healing, following this direction. It’s not something I’ve tried, focussing on other spiritual vessels – but everyone is different. 🙂

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      • Btw Chris, as you know I have some technological issues to iron out but if you look at the avatar that wordpress assigned you on this comment thread, what I see is an image but your name is not there. If you have time and you get this, is that all you see too?


  3. Funny enough, it righted itself now. I could see who you were from an adminstrators comment page but not on display at the time I wrote that.


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