Cucumber and Watercress Salad


My husband has a slight case of pneumonia so I am not really focused on this blog as much as I would like. He will be okay over time yet his illness means many things now fall to me to do so I will be brief for now.

Cucumber is always that humble veg that people toss into a lettuce based salad, but I have been craving them alot lately and so have been making them the star of the show. They are super refreshing in summer and if you have meals that have alot of spice to them, they can be eaten on the side to cool down the heat.

You need:

1 cucumber

a bunch of watercress

sundried tomatoes either rehydrated or in oil


Black olives

lemon juice

olive oil

cracked black pepper

You may toss everything into one salad bowl and mix and call it a day or if you want to do things separately, then premix each compontent as follows:

Toss the watercress in lemon juice and olive oil and let sit till slightly wilted, then drain and place in center of plate. In the meantime,

Marinate the thinly sliced  cucumbers and when ready to assemble, plate them around the watercress.

Top the water cress with sundried tomatoes then with the walnuts. sprinkle cracked pepper over the plate if desired

You can easily use the left over dressing over these vegetables too.

Finally add olives

We do not use added salt to our cooking but you may mix the lemon juice and olive oil with salt if you prefer.






7 thoughts on “Cucumber and Watercress Salad

  1. Sorry to hear your hubby is not well Linda.. the last thing you need right now.. Sorry I have not been visiting as much either.. Trying to balance the garden and my granddaughter lol..
    This is my kind of salad.. and we had a salad this evening. with sweetcorn we froze from last year.. 🙂
    So please take care both of you.. ❤ Hugs Sue

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  2. Your salad looks super healthy, and beautifully displayed. I love eating cucumber with a bit of salt. Very refreshing.

    I’m glad it’s a “mild” case of pneumonia, but that’s still not a very good thing for you during treatment though, is it? Like, can you catch it? I hope Garry gets better soon, and you take it easy, while picking up the slack.

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    • Luckily, my new chemo is not affecting my immune system. I can still catch it but not because of chemo. I might have been vaccinated when I was hospitalized with flu last year though. Can’t remember. But don’t worry:)
      I also love cucumbers with salt. I salt mine, Garry can’t. Try with lime juice and a very small amount of cayeenne pepper too. Chicago street food;)


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