The Big Fat Dirty C Word

I dont mean cancer. In my doctors office,  big fat dirty c is apparently “Cure”. I was hemming and hawing yesterday due to a stomach ache…should I do therapy or go home? Dr. said that they aren’t worried about pushing it because they dont expect a cure, only control, another C word.

Not that I didnt know this already, just that I haven’t heard it in awhile. I have had my head so far up my natural remedies hole, in support groups and in lifestyle education, implementing changes, etc. that its become a word that I take seriously…..CURE. Garry was with me and as we walked out he said, “Thats so sad.”   I also felt sad and defeated about it, until I came home and started working on my mini alter.

Then I talked to Garry about the fear we both hold in over both of our fates. He too is terminal after all. His advise is to keep busy, don’t think about it because its a poisonous thought. I believe he is right.

Turning it around! 

So this morning, I awoke vowing to rededicate myself to my own healing. I am re-evaluating some of the things I need to do more. I have found that in the support groups I tend to serve as an educator to newbies. For example, right now, I am working with a lady whose dad is being diagnosed as terminal and she literally has no experience in the world of juicing, smoothies, alkaline/vegan, herbs, etc. People from the groups have private messaged me for help too. I’m fine with that and am grateful to have had the life I do so that I can serve somebody else. However,  I realized that I never seem to ask my cancer buddies for help in return, so one of the things I am going to do is ask for support more often.

Some of you might know that for Lent, I gave up negative thinking. This has been a pattern of mine most of my life so I thought that I might have a very hard time of it. Oddly enough, it was easier than I thought it would be. Nobody-and I mean nobody-can be perfectly positive all the time. I allowed myself to room to  falter but the more I allowed it, the less I did. Interesting. Lent is nearly over and I am going to continue with this project.

Negativity can create an acidic body and we know about the mind/body/spirit connections of being cross all the time. That is enough motivation to continue past Lent.

Not being negative doesn’t mean that you end up being positive. Some of the gaps left don’t necessarily need to be filled. I leave some good energy and silence in those holes so that those parts of my life may heal.

Diet of course, needs to be more hardcore.

Re-evaluating my herbal needs

Supplements need re-evaluating

More faith (much much more!)

I will be working on these issues simultaneously. Cancer waits for no-one so baby steps at this late stage of the game are not going to work but doing this all peacefully, with pleasure and even joy are important.

If worse came to worse, the doctors win. I die. But when I die, I will have died trying to make my body, mind and spirit rebalance. I think that will be a good death.

None of this is negative. The doctors office is a challenge to all cancer patients who feel that they have a chance of beating their disease despite the odds. Doctors want to see you cured, they just can’t fathom it. If you are a cancer patient, remember that you have alot of power in your own hands. The doctor might be right or she might not. She is right within the framework of what she knows. I respect that.

Blessings to you all as you go on with your day. I am going to go work on my mini alter.




12 thoughts on “The Big Fat Dirty C Word

  1. So true.. That the Drs are only correct within the framework of their knowledge.. And that is only half the time limited to medical science.. There is nothing in their manuals about Self healing, and Mind over Matter and how one can be miraculously cured in an instant.. 🙂
    Having that positive attitude is so crucial. I remember reading a book.. I have read so many but it was by a Dr who had come around to the alternative healing and unexplained cures..
    He said so often its a mindset.. That you set your course upon.. And the belief we hold within that helps generate cures..
    He said that so often Drs can unintentionally put a great big spanner in the minds of patients who are doing well.. With coming out with such negative phrases such as the one you mentioned..
    They then knock back the belief system and the positive energies of the patient that they then doubt themselves and the process of self healing and often can fall back, deteriorating as a result
    So I am delighted to see you both are keeping High your spirits and that is the key..
    Did not Jesus cure the sick and dying, and was it not also due to the fact of Belief in him.. And so it was..

    So keep up your groups and what you are both doing.. And I certainly believe in YOU.. And I want you one day to walk back into that Drs office and say hey.. This is what belief can do… xxx ❤ xxx Love and Blessings and a Blessed Easter to you all xxx ❤

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    • They follow five year old statistics most of the time, then they include a margin of probabilty in the “prolong life” sense, so I might be a statistic that should only have 5 months ( as an example), each med might add a month more. I was told that adding one month to lifespan was a big deal in oncology and so they feel tney have done something remarkable. Holistic minds think differently. We are more expansive and open.
      I know my instinct when my first doctor was hopeless, was to not believe him. A good friend reminded me tnat it was not up to him anyway. It was not a decision he could make, but actually I think he can, for the reasons you wrote. He was feeding into my mind the idea that nothing was going to work. This was no stranger to me, he had been a part of my first go round. I trusted him.
      So now I feel its up to me only plus God. Jesus healed and heals. I have no doubt. Its easier said than done.
      Thanks for believing in me:) It means alot.

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  2. This feeds into a revelation I had recently. I was starting to feel hammered by the things continually piling up, for me to deal with. Not little things either. These were ongoing, with no end in sight. The spirit loves to surprise me, by putting a thought in my head, before I need it. The words which came were…”nothing can validate your existence like God.”

    A lovely and true sentiment, but it didn’t impact me, until I really needed it to. I had a further revelation with these words, because the impact of everything that was happening, was going to the core of my woes. It was starting to progress like a cancer now, into everything I experienced. It started to darken my outlook, even when I knew on the periphery, there was a glimmer of light. But that’s what happens, when you’re up against long campaigns which suppresses your existence.

    Maybe I’ve told you this before, I can’t remember, but my mum had a near death experience as a child. Cancer was a word she was familiar with, but it was not common in her youth. Like allergies. When she died (they had to revive her) she had lots of experiences with people of light. She likes to think of them as angels, but they were hard to see, take any form. There was also an encounter with a holy one, which she likes to think of as Jesus.

    She was taken through a library, and in it contained all the knowledge that ever existed. She saw many titles, and absorbed the information as soon as looking at them. She said at one point, she knew the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, the beings with her, said she would forget upon leaving. Which she did, when she was revived to life again. So there is a cure, just by absorbing what was contained in that spiritual library.

    Jesus is my librarian. He points me to the right mindset, before I need it. The only obstacle there ever was between us, was my present set of beliefs. 😉

    I’m glad you feel empowered again. I feel it too – way over my side of the world. That spiritual energy which quickens the mind to forget what it’s told to know, in search of understanding which cannot be found in books and remembered. They have to be lived, every day, as a pattern of belief. Not as something which “might” happen to us, if the right things align. Which is what you are coming up against. The medical odds. The medical avenues. It’s not wrong to take them, but what happens when you don’t fit the bill? Become a statistic maybe?

    No. Your existence counts for more. It still carries life within it. I’m glad the spirit reminded you, to take up your sword and fight for what you believe. We give little credit to power, unless we carry the correct symbols of success: money, abundance and control. But there is more power in belief. 🙂

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    • I think you did tell me only a little bit about your moms experience. How amazing that she remembered as much as she did. What I believe is that we have a “knowing” somewhere within us, parts of this spiritual library is within our subconscious or where ever it is our souls manifest/live. And yes, we forget but how else do we recognize a truth when we experience it if not for that? Even if we come to it late, the answers are laid before us. I can say this in hindsight as can you. I am glad you found your way my friend.
      I have seen spiritual beings my whole life and not once have I figured out why or what they want me to know besides that they do exist. But the real messages, like the ones that came to me after the last doctors office experience-these are the ones that change my life on earth and encourage my faith and love in God, so I am trying to pay much more attention to them and act accordingly if I can-even if I end up being wrong on the smaller things-there is something there speaking to me, loving me in return. I finally get it!

      Thank you for reminding me that my existance means more than the statistics. That is indeed something I continue to struggle with-what am I here for? Those terrifying questions (terrifying if you take them seriously that is;)


  3. PS: I forgot to validate your decision to give up negative thinking. I’m with you there. Even though I forgot you have mentioned this is what you were giving up, I found this Easter, the spirit has been moving me to tackle the same flaw. Not to suddenly become super positive, but to give less audience to doubt and misgivings. Which can manifest as negative thinking.

    So yay! Keep going!! 🙂

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    • There is so much ugliness and hate in our world right now that I think its imperitive that we find ways to combat that if our civilization is to find its way back. If not then we at least hung on to the more important aspects of our humanity. I can tell you, life is worth so much more than a single negative thought ! I am glad you are doing this too.


  4. This is a great post Linda… thank you so very much for sharing you and your positivity with us. As far as positive thinking goes… I have no choice but to agree with you… I try to always have a positive attitude… and in spite of my doctor and the cancer society’s prognosis of twelve months to survive… three years later… I’m still here… thinking positive thoughts and “knowing” that my will to survive is far more powerful than all the medical advice in the world….

    Hope your Sunday is most beautiful…


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    • ITs so good to hear from you Michael. I hope you are well. And I agree, no amount of medical advise is going to change the fact that we are in control of so much of our own destiny by our own power. We only need to realize it ourselves. I hope you are enjoying better health as the weather warms up.


      • And I must say this too Michael…you are amazing! Wow. You have really beat the odds so thank you for sharing and congratulations!


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