Mini Altar

IMG_0333I had fun making this altar to Baby Jesus. I did some research on the picture and though I didn’t find a match, I found out the bird in hand represents a soul. I also found out that seashells represent baptism. Butterflies of course represent metamorphisis. I added water to a perfume bottle from my collection and will be blessing the entire piece.

I wanted to keep a sense of wonder and innocence in this mini altar and I think I accomplished that. Heres a full view. I can never take good pictures of my art! Always blurry. Ah well.



4 thoughts on “Mini Altar

  1. I see echoes of Betty Boop! Not the animated character, but the style of innocence things, surrounding cherub faces. 🙂 I can see a lot of patience and thought went into this mini alter. It looks great. I hope it made you feel great!

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    • I definitely wanted to date it back to that time:) It did make me feel good, just contemplating the meanings and the life of Christ and how I might relate to it, how it might be relevent even today. It was Easter so innocence is a part of my memory of the holiday.


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