Gone Crackers!

A  double entendre…I got confused earlier regarding comments, but never mind, the jokes on me;)

I got the recipe from the Oasis of Healing website and only changed out the salt for a quarter cup of dulse seaweed and used half black sesame seeds with the plain ones. Any finely flaked seaweed would work here and I think the recipe could actually carry even more seaweed. I also didn’t use the sunflower seeds.  I rate this as deliciously satisfying.

I have discovered how wonderful plain old cherry tomatoes are on crackers! I ate a pint on those super crunchy, dry, Wasa  rye crackers all by myself a few days ago and can’t get enough now! My finicky dog Molly even agrees;)

Since I’m forgoing cheese and peanut butter its been a challenge to remember to make things ahead of time with other nuts, seeds or vegetables.  I actually am enjoying just tomatoes but with avocado, fresh chives from my garden and brocolli sprouts? Practically gourmet!

The cracker plate is what I had for breakfast. Its not unusual for me to eat like this as I grew up with fresh salads for breakfast and have always added raw vegetables to meals in the morning. Whats hard is giving a different protein a chance rather than eggs ( I still eat them as they are local and free ranged, I see them with my own eyes and know they are happy loved hens, but they are acidic and too much of a good thing isn’t good) or cheese ( very addicted to cheese but weening off successfully) and of course, bread.

Back to the crackers: The directions say to dehydrate for over 6 hrs. but these were done at 105 Farenheit for around 4 hrs. I think our atmosphere was dry. If you are in humid conditions, it will take a long time, so keep checking on them. Its important for safety to fully dehydrate if you plan on storing them and if you want “living food” its important to use lower temperatures. I followed my dehydrator directions. I suggest that you follow  yours, using the recipe as a general guide.

Oasis of Healing recently went through a website overhaul but they do have some great recipes if you search. Dr. Lodi is on youtube as well. I am seriously considering visiting their cancer clinic. Its a toss up between them and Hippocrates. More soon on these issues. I’m only now realizing that I am free to choose to go to one of them, depending on the logistics.

Do you know anybody who has gone to these type of health resorts?







6 thoughts on “Gone Crackers!

  1. It is what we put into our bodies that counts.. I was listening earlier to a Youtube channel very good Called Spirit Science I followed them a few years now .. I will go find the link.. telling us about Dairy products and Meat the effects on the body.. When you get over the voice over, its done in cartoon form.. Its very informative.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SXf392zCwo Glad I spotted your post.. as I sat in my reader for ages this evening.. 🙂
    Sending Hugs and Much Love xxx Sue


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