Growing Cutting Celery

Celery is so called “dirty” crop (heavily sprayed) so we only buy it organically grown.  I’m certain that regrowing like this would work with conventionally grown too. Its easy to regrow so when you have cut off the head, just place it in water for a few days. 


It will begin to grow new stalks in no time, but the roots are slower to develop. I have done this before only to find that it doesn’t like staying in water for too long, so this time, even with miniscule roots, I planted in soil.


No real rules for planting. You can see that one is submerged completely, the other half way. Both are happy. I have a third one ready to add.

These likely won’t regrow into thick stalks but for chopping up as an herb, it will be just fine.

These will go into the ground if our weather ever warms up! We don’t expect much by way of spring until Mothers Day up here, but this year, I think it will be even later.

In the meantime, I’m planning a more alkaline garden than in previous years. We are doing pumpkin, melons, beets and cucumbers from seed and have decided to buy Roma tomatoes as starts. Greens too.

We always do more than planned. Today, I’m sowing lettuce.

As to cancer….that feeling that its gone has returned. I had a strange experience two days ago. I wome up with a head ache and completely certain I was going to die at any minute. Just very ill. But I took a pill for the head ache…an over the counter one, and as the pain eased, everything else lifted. I trusted this tentatively at first but the next day the feeling remained and its still here. I have very bad moments within the day but something seems to be turning around for me:)

Knock wood that its remission!



8 thoughts on “Growing Cutting Celery

  1. Lovely to spot a post from you today Linda.. And you have taught me something about growing celery.. 🙂 I did not know you could re-grow from a old cut head.. Though it makes sense.. As I think of pineapple and other things that re-root and grow..

    Sounds like you are getting busy on the gardening front.. Have you managed to see what we are growing in ours..
    As I so pray that you are in remission dear Linda.. Believe my friend Believe.. Love and Hugs my friend xxx ❤


    • I have to come and see your progress. Your blog always helps me shed my winter fat so to speak;) It reassures me that spring will You have a beautiful garden!
      I was out cleaning the garden and to my srprise, found that the green onion heads that I planted and forgot last year, are raging If you eat carrot greens, you can regrow them , just cut the head and the cut side down is submerged, but again, watch for water logging. Its something to do in winter to get fresh greens mainly.

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  2. Stay warm, until the springtime returns. 🙂 Great to see you propagating. I love to propagate! I’m sure your garden will do well with the new celery additions. Very resourceful to get a new plant, from an old one. I like celery in stir fries and casseroles. The flavour that is – so it doesn’t have to be the traditional fat stalks, we’re all familiar with.

    Did you get the celery from the co-op, or the Amish families nearby?

    I’m always praying your health will be restored. That you will be made whole again. There have been some ups and downs, but you’ve always managed to stay ahead. Here’s to more of that!


    • Thank you Chris! We got the celery at a larger grocery store in town. The co-op charges too much and I can’t think of anybody local who grows celery actually- not for market anyway. Seems odd doesn’t it?
      I love celery! I like it on everything lol. We will see if the stalks get bigger. I doubt they will but who knows?


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