Not Your Hippie Daddy’s Sprouts!

There was a time when sprouts were considered the healthiest of foods but most people couldn’t care less. They look funny! Hairy! And when storebought, which most commonly is the milder alfalfa,  they can be near tasteless. Done right with good quality seeds however and you can have a powerhouse of flavor and nutrition! Brocolli sprouts in particular are flying off the shelves in a local grocery store….so much so that they raised their prices. Its catching on again:)

Many seeds and legumes can be sprouted at home but I stick to either brocolli or a combination of brassicas for the most part. This batch  is a commercially available combo:brocolli, brocolli raab, radish, mustard and arugula and is very spicey!

IMG_0348In addition to seeds, you need a large jar, a mesh screen or loose woven fabric such as cheesecloth and water. Sterilize the jar and cap between uses. The following instructions are for this blend. Soaking and germination timing will differ by seed.


Day 1: Place 2 Tbsp. of seed in jar, add cold water and allow to soak for two hrs. Drain and invert jar at a slight tilt to continue drainage. Do not block the screen as you do need circulation. I use a dish rack.

Day two  and three: rinse and drain at least twice. Don’t allow seeds to dry.By day three you should have:



Not ready yet but this is a good start. I am comparing seed companies as many have poor germination rates. This one might get a gold star and a special mention!

Day 4: Keep on keepin on ( rinse). At this point, you might see fuzz growoing on roots. In most blends this is normal. Just keep rinsing, draining and aerating .

Day 5: Mine is ready. When yours is, place in the sun to give the plants chlorphyll. It wont take long for them to go green.



On the left is a commercial blend, radish and red clover ( very nice combo) and on the right is my brocolli blend. I am convinced that commercial companies shake out their seeds so you might worry about seeds in yours. They don’t mean failure unless they didn’t sprout. As is, mine is delectable, seeds and all:)

I wanted to talk a little bit about the healing value of sprouts. A good friend went to a healing spa ( Hippocrates) and came back urging me to use brocolli sprouts (and onion and garlic which I haven’t found yet). There was a alot of research on brocolli sprouts at a large hospital in the U.S. ( John Hopkins) that was showing a positive affect on cancer. The project was halted at some point. Here is a link that talks more about it.

While there are a million foods that benefit a persons health, this is one I prioritize in my diet. If you have health concerns I urge you to add living foods like sprouts to your diet, brocolli sprouts especially.  Add to smoothies, use as salad or on sandwiches, or seaweed wraps or eat plain.




4 thoughts on “Not Your Hippie Daddy’s Sprouts!

  1. So glad I am not the only one who loves sprouting these seeds .. I have a special little jar.. and love them on salads.. They are packed full of goodness.

    I had a change today and had Quinoa instead on my salad.. Lovely post Linda.. xx


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