Chia Pudding

IMG_0391 Its very rare that I have the exact ingredients as the source but this time, I did…I think anyway. I used canned coconut milk , not the mylk type in a carton so my pudding was probablly more flavorful.  I also used maple syrup not honey and used less. In retrospect, the sweetner might not be missed if eliminated altogether.( I can’t find the source tbat I used but this is the same recipe.)

I chilled this for a full day which is much nicer than a short chill that many recipes suggest.  I love rice pudding very much but in eating less grains and sugars, have avoided it. My family always added just a drop of rose water to rice pudding so I suggest adding that here too.

Meanwhile, I have concluded that my Facebook fast is the best thing I have ever done. Once or twice in the last few days, I felt the itch- mainly because my  “liked” pages were a collection of good news sources, but I can use their websites instead. The friends who communicated with me there regularly are now texting me or using Messenger which one can have as a stand alone without Facebook. Its working out just fine.

However, while I have begun to knit again, I have not begun the other activities I need to do yet. I hope that today will be different.

I set two goals during my palliative care appointment- well actually four, but two pertain to my withdrawal from Facebook: Art and Exercise! Do them.  Daily!

Easier said than done but do them I must!

I hope that today, I will.

How to break through these creative blocks ? How to convalesce , not just from a long winter but one in which I was bedridden for half the time? We will soon find out. Suggestions welcome.




6 thoughts on “Chia Pudding

  1. Lovely pudding, very nutritious.. As to your question.. Take it slowly do not push yourself too hard.. Remember to pull in the energy, use Qi Gong.. Also ASK…. we often forget to ask..
    So when you sit upon your Alter’s side.. Draw in the Angels of Healing. Let go of all else.. Trust all is healed.. in Mind Body and Spirit..

    Sending constant thoughts my friend xxx

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  2. You’re doing so well with your Facebook fast, and your new life changes in general. I’m heading into winter, and convalescing a little. The cool seems to take the spark out of my energy pool. For the first time though, I’m accepting this as a natural state. I look outdoors and see all my plants convalescing too. It’s just the season for it.

    Where you are though, is the season for waking and being more energetic. I find the best kick start is not to “force” myself. By that I mean, I will choose the exercise/activity, and go in with an open mind. If I pour in a lot of information about why this is good for me, or what I will benefit from, it stops me from enjoying the moment. The activity becomes the reward, in whatever form it takes.

    I actually forced myself to carry a large log up a slope the other day. I’m glad I did it, but I was finding I had to force myself. I had an expectation it had to go up the hill, as quickly as possible. Well, it was a very heavy log and I had to do log tosses, and kind of flip it up the hill. I got to the steepest part (near a swale) and had to be more careful. I tried, but I really needed to use the muscle. At some point, as I repositioned myself, I forgot where the log was. Slam! I tripped on it and fell in the dirt. Scratched my shin and had to stop myself (and the log) rolling down the hill.

    I decided to save myself, lol, and forget the log. I just lay back where I fell, and looked up to the blue sky above. All that morning, I had been breaking my back under this sky, and it took me landing on my butt to notice how beautiful and peaceful, it was. The log must have heard my mental telepathy, and suddenly stopped rolling down the slope – to gaze up at the sky too. At that moment I laughed out loud, at myself. I laughed at the pain in my shin and the blood starting to show. What a kerfuffle. But also, what a joy to just be in that moment.

    I suspect we often do things, to garner a feeling of worth and accomplishment, when the doing of anything, is the experience. It unfolds. So the less expectations we lock in, the easier it is to experience all of those moments as they happen. So when you choose your activity, give it your best shot and just enjoy the ride. 🙂

    PS: I’ve tried chia pudding with almond milk and didn’t really like it – a little too watery. But I’ll give coconut milk (we use coconut cream) a try. Thanks for the recipe. I have some spare chia in the pantry.


    • I think you make such a great point about letting the activity be the reward! I enjoy being active and fit but achieving that has only ever been consistent when I have done three things: martial arts, weight lifting and simple walking. I like yoga but its never worked out for me due to having pain issues from the long stretches.

      I’m not what anybody would call “sporty” otherwise….I can’t catch a ball if you paid me for example- so my goals are to be able to resume of one the enjoyable activities and getting better at it:) I did however, buy a mini trampoline!

      Bottom line is that we are indeed pleasure seeking beings! Its hard to allow that part of us into our lives- at least some of us find it challenging- but pleasure is one of the feelings that makes us repeat an action until it becomes a habit. Great points, Chris.

      About the chia pudding, two things: add more chia and/or let soak longer. I too have had runny results in the past and couldn’t see the fuss until I began to do both. I’ve clncluded that this is a make ahead, like classic overnight muesli is. I’m sure the “mylk” you use matters too.

      I’m so glad you saved yourself and taught that log a lesson! lol.


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