Raw Mexican and Second Opinions


While I’m on board with eating raw, I’m not yet fully convinced regarding some of the texures. As I learn more techniques however, I am beginning to have more faith.The  above plate was mostly successful. Flavor wise, it was pretty good. I didn’t have a couple of the key Mexican flavors on hand, such as lime juice and jalapeno peppers. I think that would of changed things. Yet, I’ve eaten in Mexican restaurants that offered far less flavor so I still give it 4 stars.

I’m not convinced about eating sprouted raw lentils honestly and so I marinated them in a lemon dressing for a full day to help cook them down. Again, missed the lime. Corn tortilla was store bought and cooked. Everything else was raw.

Salad, guacamole, kale chips, butternut squash chips . It took time. Thats another downer of some recipes.

We are leaving tomorrow to head down to Madison for my second opinion oncology appointment. I’m quite nervous because I’m counting on this doctor to instill some semblance of hope tnrough long term planning. My goal is to try to create more tangible goals for my treatments because all this time, its just been about keeping it at bay and that has had very limited results.

So many options are off the table as well and I can’t understand why this is. I’m inoperable for this or that reason. I’m not ideally qualified for some lymph treatment for whatever reason. My lungs can’t be biopsied for another reason.

Most of the reasons are about location of tumors. But thats three seperate metastasis’ at three locations with the same exact reasoning. It seems unbelievable that I would have such crap luck….and the doctors want me to believe thats just it- luck of the draw. I have no idea how improbable this is. It just seems ludicrous that in 2017, where doctors can operate on nerve endings, that tumor licatiln is such a big issue. If chemo fails to work on my lymph nodes then the cancer is heading to my pancreas in no time.  And that will not be good…might even be irredeemable infact. So we have a sticky situation on our hands.

I just cant see continuing without an end game of some kind, i.e., having liver resected after eliminating the other tumors or removing the lymph, etc. Why keep treating the untreatable if I’m trully hopeless? Its not like treatment is giving me life…quality of life is important too.

Tough decisions ahead. But I’m breathing deeply and taking this one day at a time.



5 thoughts on “Raw Mexican and Second Opinions

  1. Between this and the baklava, your food looks absolutely delicious. It would certainly make you want to eat, even if your appetite was waning. I’d want to sit down to that!

    I also notice you now have a white and black dinner set, of the original green set, both you and I share. It looks good too. I only have a few pieces of my green set. They do tend to chip more, as they age. But I use them as pot-plant holders after they’re finished in the kitchen.

    I wish you all the best, with your appointment. May it open a new perspective, on what others haven’t been able to enlighten you upon, as yet. I can understand the nervousness, as I’m sure a lot of hope will be placed on this new perspective. Don’t become too sad, if it doesn’t provide anything new immediately – because change can still happen, via someone mysteriously appearing. And at least you’ll have two medical teams, overseeing.

    I will be praying for you though. Take care. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers Chris. Its true. there is room for something good to happen. The key is to not give up, as hard as it can be.
      My dinner set is multicolored.I still have the turquoise, green, red, yellow too:) I just have found that food looks better in photos on these two plates. Luckily ( and knock wood) I have an intact set so far. I’m harder on drinking glasses!
      As I said in the post, enjoyed the meal. It would not have worked without the tortilla however. Still exploring the possibilities:)


  2. Oh boy you have been busy eating yourself silly lol while I have not been logging into WP.. haha.. so much food to catch up on as I scroll down your site here Linda.. I will be back tomorrow to read in depth all you have to say..

    I was picking red currents today out of the allotment.. and have been eating loads of Rainbow chard, broccoli and wonderful purple cauliflower … 🙂
    And lots of photo’s taken of the Flower Show I went to as well.
    Its finding time to blog, as I keep putting it off, as I hide within my garden sanctuary.. 🙂

    Sending HUGE Hugs your way.. and will be back tomorrow to catch up with your posts..
    Love Sue xxx ❤

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    • Hugs back. I kept envisioning you sitting on your porch swinging and was very happy you were taking time for yourself. Of course its good to see you back here:)
      I’d say I’m cooking about average amounts but writing about the food more than anything. Its my current “therapy”.
      See you back in blogland soon. Anticipating your posts.

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