Crazy Accurate Horoscope


My horoscope has never ever been accurate so imagine my shock when I picked up a free copy of a magazine called Concious Community (horoscope by Kaye Berjot)at breakfast on the same day that  I

a. have a second opinion appointment

b. found out that my tumor marker was back in normal range after climbing steadily (will talk more about that after I talk to my doctors about it)

and c.    Decided on very deep level that something has to change and fast!

For people who live outside of Madison, Wi. this is a good introduction to the atmosphere here. On one hand, its home to one of the very best universities in the nation, has top notch medical care and is the state capitol. Infact, a couple of years ago, this town was voted “the most educated populace” in America. We had breakfast on the patio of a coffee bar , next door to a library where people were coming and going with piles of books! It was nice to see.

Then,  on the other, the cancer clinic offers integrative care, including cancer psychology, accupuncture, nutrition, spiritual guidance,  etc. and the area is teeming with yoga studios, meditation classes, Goddess this and that activity. I like  it here. I live in an area of two extremes- Methodist conservatives and “hippies” for lack of a better word. I’ve grown discontent with the level of polarization that has become more apparent in the last year. Madison is balanced.

As we drove down here yesterday, I had grown sadder and was becoming teary. We stopped at a garage sale and bought some planters from an elderly man. As we talked, he suddenly asked, “Would you like to see my garden?” Naturally we did! So he took us out to the back of his house and lo and behold….


Iris! Lots and lots of iris! I gradually realized that I was cheering up and that this was no random accident. Something profound is happening. Good, bad? I don’t know.


9 thoughts on “Crazy Accurate Horoscope

  1. Sometimes when we have our mind focused on certain outcomes, the experience of living, jumps up and surprises us. I like those days, because I realise it’s easy to take the whole day for granted, while I focus on a few things. It sounds like you had a lovely trip to Madison.

    Those Iris keep popping up, and what lovely ones they are. It was very nice to be invited to see his garden. It’s gracious when people trust us like that. We were invited to see a neighbour’s garden, a few streets down from us. It was a huge garden, and I kept thinking as we were given our guided tour, it’s lovely to be embraced like this. Someone’s garden is seeing a part of their soul, and life’s work.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed your recent experiences, and that good news just keeps on coming. 🙂

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    • I’m glad you connected with neighbors like that. It really is an intimate peak at your life, especially if you invite strangers. Even though this man was growing mainly flowers, his front garden was quite pretty in a sort of typical way. It was the back-what was hidden from the street-that he showed us.
      And yes, life can be wonderful when it reminds us that it is indeed lovelier than we are letting ourselves beleive. It could of been worse of course-it could of wept with me as it sometimes does;)


  2. Seems to me that someone is guiding you Linda.. Love the fact you met a man who showed you his garden and Iris’s Wow.. Just when you and I were talking about them the other week too..
    Madison sounds a lovely place, as does the hospital.. I am always impressed when they are not afraid to offer Spiritual help and alternative therapies .. So very impressed with your choice of treatment Linda..
    And big smiles about the Horoscope.. Gosh we do not have a paper and it must be years since I read my ‘Stars’ 🙂
    I agree with Chris too about the privilege of being shown round a private garden, Such a lovely gesture.. 🙂

    🙂 Love and Hugs xx


    • I agree Sue. It felt very much like guidance to me. I appreciate that it was ahead of the visit in question too because I was able to leave there thinking, “well up yours then.” , rather than feeling like it was a death sentence. I did feel negative but not as badly as maybe others might feel walking out of an appointment like that. Seems like somebody up there does indeed love me and maybe was trying to warn me.
      I love Madison! Its a gorgeous place too. I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the gardens and buildings. Its very worth a visit.
      They do offer the help but not to me apparently-I noticed how he steered clear of that idea. I don’t live close by and he wasn’t going to stir the pot for his buddies in my hospital by suggesting such things but my primary said that palliative care can offer all of this so I will ask.
      The funny thing about the iris-the one that I showed here is one of the ones I had been coveting since we spoke about them. I had not seen one in person and was amazed at how big they were-bigger than my fist. So it was an extra nice gift:)

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  3. It’s amazing what our God will do to lift our spirits. And once we open ourselves to it, we see His works all around us all the time. He loves us sooooooo much. This is a wonderful entry. Not only did you spread love and warmth to an older man probably desparate in need of someone caring but he was able to give you what you needed with God’s divine intervention. A blessing given and a blessing received.

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    • What a lovely perspective! I saw myself as the receiver but you are right…the man must of felt wonderful sharing his passion with us. I agree, Gods work is there but we must stay open to seeing it. Thats been my lesson lately. Thanks for stopping by!


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