Dessert: yes,its on the menu

I have been out of town for two weekends in a row-last week we went to an immigration appointment for Garry in wonderful Milwaukee (get all your ducks in a row in Trumps America) and then of course, this week we were in Madison. Also this  week , we  brought our dog Molly since we couldn’t get our daughter here for the weekend to babysit.


Road trips are hard at the best of times, but when one has dietary specs they are harder and harder still is when you have a dog who is prone to anxiety and cannot be left in a hotel room alone and yet cannot be left in a car either since we were in the midst of a heatwave………so my diet went to hell despite my best intentions. I did bring some foods so that helped. I am getting back on track today.

The night before we left to Milwaukee and inspired by the success of my granola, I made the raw version of baklava.



This version uses thinly sliced, ripe pears to replace the philo pastry. There are recipes online but I winged it. Basically, I sprinkled each layer with cinnamon then drizzled our home produced honey over that before topping with granola, etc. I then placed the serving platter into the dehydrator at 115 Farenheit for about an hour. The only problem was that I didnt make huge portions as this was too die for!

Sugars are strictly off of cancer diets in processed forms and limited in natural forms because cancer cells thrive on it so its eaten sparingly if at all. Honey is actually acidic and not vegan but we harvest our own from our beehives who we spoil like human babies and when we rob we don’t take it all-the bees get most of it. Those are the issues you want to look for in mass production along with honey that is diluted with processed syrups.  Our honey is very sweet so a little goes a long way therefore using it sparingly comes naturally.

Its far too hot today to turn on the dehydrator but I was hoping to come home and make some staples since I felt challenged to travel with this diet. It made me think about simplifying.

Some issues are afoot in town regarding a slaughterhouse. I am not fully up on it but it was all granted by the town counsils in underhanded ways and there are local water issues at stake as a result. The place will slaughter up to 700 pigs a day. Nobody seems concerned about that-just the water issues. The wish appears to be to move the waste water elsewhere. Away. But if you all have ever read the Archdruid Report-he has pointed out many a time-there is no such thing as  “away”.

I might have some facts wrong on this-so far what I have mentioned was brought to my attention by somebody who was getting people interested in fighting this. But I was not focused on it at the time she was talking to me and my thoughts were much more akin to concern about the animals. I could lend my support of course but I really wanted to watch how it unfolds in regards to people getting it as a whole picture rather than its parts-the parts that affect humans only.

I don’t have a vote regardless. But its been interesting to note that Facebook is actually useful sometimes, as that is the mode of communications on such matters. I am still not going back;)


12 thoughts on “Dessert: yes,its on the menu

  1. Sweet picture of Molly. And is that the Australian Emblem I see, on the front of her hat?

    It sounded like a full trip, with a full car. Sorry the heat has been so oppressive. I know how that feels. It seems spring and autumn are the better, “in between”, months. Summer and Winter are the extremes.

    I think it’s inevitable we fall of the bandwagon, in our desired diets. Because life is far from perfect. Getting back on the horse, is the important part. I think your raw Baklava looks delicious. Way better than an apple pie. Which is saying a lot, since it use to be my favourite dessert. I’m opting more for just stewed apple and rubarb, with a dollop of cream – or ice cream. Still delicious, but not as many unnecessary, carbs and calories. 🙂


    • Yes, thats an Australian emblem:) You remember Garrys cousin Lindsey I am sure. He gave Garry his cricket hat and it came with the pin. Garry cherishes both very much:)
      A friend and I have talked about the various seasons. We have noticed theres a couple more than we categorize in our area…sort of like micro seasons. I dislike this hot wet one! Its very hard for me to function in it, but I’ll survive. I like the season you are in right now.
      How do you cut the sour from your rhubarb? I like it but its always in need of far too much sugar to be palatable. Your stewed desert sounds wonderful to me. Have you made full on compotes? Those are favorites on winter for us.


  2. Lovely to see Molly, very fetching in her hat 🙂
    Sounds like a big place if the abattoir is going to slaughter over 700 pigs daily. No wonder you did not take in the conversation..
    I know your water is run differently than we have ours supplied to us via large reservoirs. I know you have lots of natural well water over there. So see your concern ..
    And I love the fact that you have your own bees and have your own honey..
    I am always looking out on labels on honey I buy.. So often they say mixed honey.. I try to buy local when possible, and immediately you can tell the difference.. 🙂 ❤

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    • We have a mixed system of water works. Ours on our property is a private well. Some homes nearby share a well-one person owns the rights but at some point the contracts were drawn up to allow others to tap into it. These get passed down in real estate transactions so it would take a lawsuit to take away somebodies water. Then there are water works in towns-they have reservoirs or they have underground sources as well. Chicago actually got its water from the Lake Michigan beleive it or not. So it can vary.
      I have since found out that hat the issue with this place is waste water issues as in the capacity of waste water plants. The town that is affected has a large one and apparently it would be good for their works because its too large for the town-these things need bacteria, etc. just like septic tanks. So the fight is honestly an odd one. It would be better to fight against animal rights than about something like this. At anyrate, I remain on the outside of it where I belong;)

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      • Yes, you do right, as you do not need to spend your energy in these matters that are not affecting you.. You need your energies for healing.. ❤ 🙂
        I know when we went to Canada in 2000 the water in the hotel, we were told to use special water on the landings, bottled water was also provided, Something about the Spring and bacteria in the water supply, They called it a name.. we went late May time..


      • Exactly on how best to use my energy. Apparently society has moved on to the next upheaval since I wrote that. I know the worlds gone mad but even if I were healthy I’d be sick soon if I followed each drama! Sometimes water gets contaminated but it could be many things. If you have heard about Flint Michigan, which had issues with lead, this brought issues in other cities to light as well. I remember occasionally funny smells in Chicagos water and I’d just buy water for my kids then but the city never announced issues. I’d had a neighbor who tracked her stomach “bugs” to that smell and she tipped me off. I lime having my private well though agriculture is ruining underground aquifers statewide so we do worry.

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