Gazpacho Recipe



Summer is here, arriving about a month later than usual. We had no opportunity to acclimate and so its been a struggle for me. I love hot weather but our region involves humidity and thats really tough on me. I can’t breathe out there as it feels like I’m drowning. Β I’m a natural desert dweller I guess;)

Gazpacho is probably the easiset raw dish a person can make as it involves only a knife, cutting board and maybe a blender. Β Its tomato based and I’m willing to bet thats nearly everybodys favorite flavor. Any spices can be added so its customizable. I think the key is to make it a day ahead so that its very cold when served and that the flavors have a chance to “marry”. Blending is optional but I like to do that because I get tired of sweet smoothies. Its nice to drink this instead.

My current recipe:

2 large tomatoes, diced

1/2 red onion, diced

1 ear corn, shucked

1/2 of English cucumber, diced

About two inches of diced young garlic- thats garlic that hadn’t formed its cloves yet….but use regular garlic if thats not available.

2 cups no sodium tomato juice, or juice your own

lemon juice and black pepper to taste

Place everything in a blender and puree until smooth, then chill. Or if eating it chunky style, in a bowl and chill.

Toppings: balsamic vinegar, avocado, green onion, pumpkin seed, nigella seed, sumac powder

About the plating. Two words- Matthew Kenney. I am not the type to follow chefs as a rule but this guy is a rock star in my opinion and I am now a fan girl:) Check his Instagram out and also google his very interesting talks on Ted Talks regarding his journey into raw foods. I recently got my paws on one of his cookbooks so I’ll be taking things up a notch as well.




13 thoughts on “Gazpacho Recipe

  1. Looks so good! We only really get humidity when it rains, but any heat over 35C gets to me. Just sucks the energy right out of you.

    Speaking of falling off the wagon, I had the tinniest piece of a mini pizza – no bigger than a muffin. Peter made it, and I wanted to taste it, to see if the base was cooked properly. Well, just the tinniest bit of gluten, drained my energy, made me feel impatient with everything, and I couldn’t coordinate properly, without dropping stuff.

    So know the feelings. πŸ˜‰


    • Peter is making pizza?!!! How very cool. I bet it was delicious. How do you tell your young one that momma can’t eat something they cooked? THats a great reason to fall off the wagon if you ask me. lol.
      But I beleive it. Some people react to coffee or chocolate or MSG pretty instantly so why not gluten? Your reaction was really bad though! Its like it was a neurotoxin to you? Wow. I am glad you discovered this trigger a long time ago!


      • Lol, Peter making pizza, came about when he saw me making sourdough. He wanted to “help me”, as he likes to say. So I pulled off a little ball of the dough, and he’s responsible for kneading it. On the second rise, when I’m ready to pop my bread in the tin, his ball gets rolled into a mini pizza and trayed. I even have a special little tray.

        Then it’s topped with regular tomato sauce, salami and cheese, which he all helps with. πŸ™‚

        Whenever he sees me making sourdough, he makes pizza. It’s tradition now.

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      • Thats precious Chris . I hope he remembers these experiences for the rest of his life. Our Christmas Eve tradition was to make pizza . It helped get the kids energy to tone down some and it was our dinner. Oddly though, tney don’t remember it.


  2. Looks delicious πŸ™‚ I hope your heat-wave is more bearable for you now Linda.. xx We are set to have high temps this weekend.. Which is why I have been giving the garden a make-over as I will only feel like Swinging lol and reading πŸ™‚ when it gets hot.. The older I have got the less heat I like.. Plus my scalp is very Sun sensitive this past couple of years, I have to wear a hat in hot sun or I really feel my scalp burning.. ❀ Thankfully our swing has an over head canopy that keeps us in the shade.. πŸ™‚


    • I hope your weather didn’t end up as hot as it could of been. Its the worst type of conditions in my opinion-nature beckons on the one hand but its too dangerous to go out and enjoy on the other. I think that being older does affect some people on temperature extremes. I have never coped with humidity very well myself but have lived in Las Vegas which is a desert and loved it. I don’t know if I would love it today at my age but it was a dry heat and functional.
      The sun is another thing-I have to avoid it because of meds. I have olive skin and usually did well in it but now I have to wear a hat. It makes me even hotter though:(

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      • Yesterday about wiped hubby and myself out.. So hot and humid it was 31C degs in the garden on the thermometer .. We never get it that hot here.. We went to pick our granddaughter up from school and they had kept the children in at lunch time in air-conditioned and they watched a film she said.. She had a bit of heat stoke at the weekend, She wore a hat, in the afternoon while visiting us, and I kept her in the shade.. But she went out with her parents later that evening and was running around in the Sun for nearly two hours.. So heat exhaustion I think.. But she was ok for school on Monday.. I keep trying to get her to drink more water.. She doesn’t drink enough to my liking.. lol.. But then I drink loads.. πŸ™‚

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      • Be careful! Thats the kind of heat we have been having here. For me, tne only real relief is air conditioning. Its amazing how long I anticipate summer but when it comes its not safe to enjoy it. This is the second year in a row that its been dangerously hot for us. But now for two days its cooled enough to feel chills. Very weird.

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      • Yes, we have no Air conditioning .. Our homes are not geared up for it as its not usually this hot.. Yesterday was better, but today its hot and humid and forecast to break a few records… At the moment I am sat under the shade by a shady spot in the garden and wonder of wonders the Wifi is managing to stay connected.. πŸ™‚ And yes we will take care.. Its my hubbys birthday today he is the big 70.. We get up at 5-30am and i helped him this morning water the allotments.. that takes about an hour and half.. as we have to use watering cans from the near by water cistern tanks ..I picked Raspberries, more red currents, and salad leaves and we had 6 strawberries ready too .. πŸ™‚ He is now chilling indoors, While I have my catch up with comments here.. .. I can see why the heat gets to people and makes them ill.. We are certainly not used to high temps here in the UK.. Even when we have been abroad the heat is fresher and not so humid.. The weather is certainly on the change..


      • Our home also isn’t conducive for air conditioning but last year a friend lent me a window unit since chemo was over heating me as well as the weather. We close off the house and dedicate three rooms as cooling rooms. It has been tremendously helpful. Our home was built with breeze in mine so we do get circulation but its not the same since air conditioners remove humidity. Happy birthday to your husband. I hope the heat breaks soon. One tip I have used is to take a liquid astringent called Sea Breeze which kids use as a toner for acne- add that to cold water then dip and ring out a washcloth in it, then just put it on the back of the neck. Its got some kiind of menthalatum in it. …very cooling.

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      • A great tip to keep cool.. And thank you we had a wonderful relaxing day yesterday Linda.. and thankfully today its a lot cooler.. Its overcast and we may be in for a thunderstorm later.. I hope so, for it may clear the air and make it feel fresher. xxx

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      • Same here for us. The air is much nicer for it. Very glad you both made it through safely. My cousins are in a 124 degree Farenheit heatwave. I feel lucky.

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