Early Season CSA “Box”

I’m a great believer in creating community food supply chains but in my region, our local farmers have been hard pressed to offer early season boxes for a variety of reasons. Yet once in awhile we have an opportunity to encourage somebody in that endeavor and while our young farmer struggles to fill those boxes the orders grow each week,  slowly but surely.  Last week he added eggs from his hens which Garry loved, but this week, those hens were raccoon food. We don’t know what co es in ahead of time.So what have we here?

From the back: spinach, kale, garlic scapes, bok choy, lingon berry(?), radish, cilantro. 

Whats on the menu? Salads, pesto ( the scapes), fermented bok choy plus something dehydrated with the cilantro. 

After my trip to Madison, where I fell off the diet bandwagon, I have actually been in alot of pain. I had to resume taking acid reflux medication and am struggling a bit with other pain. What did I eat? You really don’t want to know, but lets say this- sugar, bad fats and poor grain choices make for one angry liver and body.  I have been detoxing since. No matter what anybody tells you- detoxing does not feel great. 

As to the purpose of my trip? I am not happy with the second opinion. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear but thats not it. I felt that I was in the wrong place with the wrong doctor. I sensed that he felt the need to defend my home base hospital which meant that he wasn’t hearing me. I left there feeling oddly dirty. I have no other way to explain it. He wasn’t rude or mean. It was the vibes. 

 So I discussed this visit with my primary and she suggested that I go to Mayo or to one of the Cancer Centers of America. I have to get pre approval for either consult from my insurance company. So the struggle continues. 


5 thoughts on “Early Season CSA “Box”

  1. Ooops, left my comment about falling off the wagon, in the post before this one.

    I hope the insurance company is forthcoming. And if not, you’re already eating the best medicine you can. Fresh, local, unadulterated food! Kudos to the eager farmer, who tries to please. He’s probably another primary carer for you. Just a little more unofficial. 😉


    • Thanks Chris. I agree, the young farmer is inadvertantly a part of my healing team:) I also agree, I’m doing enough maybe at home to wonder if I even need oncologists but I know that I am not ready to abandon every hope just yet. Will definitely update you as things progress.


  2. Sorry to hear the vibes of your new Dr did not gel well with you Linda.. Its sad isn’t it when the Dr fails to LISTEN to what is being said, instead of drawing his own opinions from passed on notes no doubt, and hearing only half of what you were saying by being defensive no doubt of your previous hospital..
    So pleased you have someone who IS listening to you, So Good Luck with the Mayo.. And I hope you get the approval you need..

    My daughter gets a veggie box delivered about once a fortnight until we start supplying her again when crops come into season..
    She never knows what is going to be in hers either..
    It was one of these boxes that introduced us to Rainbow Chard, and I can’t get enough of it.. I have it raw and steamed.. Even our granddaughter loves it..

    Your box of veggies look Good and I am sure you made something scrumptious out of them. ❤ 🙂


    • Thanks Sue. Yes, it was a disappointment. But as my primary said, “Linda, this is your life-its not worth worrying about how they feel-leave no stone unturned.” We will see how this progresses.
      I love rainbow chard! We just planted ours out but it will keep going until the frost kills it off so we will eat alot of it. We used to roll it up instead of using grapeleaves-we filled it with rice and then cooked it. Delicious. How lucky your daughter is to have you and your husband as her food suppliers. I have seen your garden and am in awe:)
      Such a nice time of year!

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