Happy Fathers Day 

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake made mostly by using Peaceful Cuisines recipe. Had I not poured on blueberry syrup it might not have cracked. It was delicious however- not raw(crust is baked and filling cooked on stovetop) but very worth it. Easy as well. His recipe calls for less cashews. I added 2 cups total because I have made desserts using agar agar in the past that solidified into a dense gelatine which can be fine but its not what I wanted with this. I increased the nuts but kept the agar measurement the same and instead of water I used coconut water. He also uses a smaller pan so mine is thinner but still was appreciated. 


6 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day 

  1. Looks scrummy, and one I know my daughter would Love.. 🙂 She made some vegan icecream the other day 🙂 She did tell me all the ingredients but have forgotten them.. As I was picking raspberries at the time as she visited the allotments on Father’s Day.. So shamefully I was only half listening.. But it sounded yummy . 🙂
    Hope all is well with you LOVE and warm hugs Love Sue xx

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    • It must of been to hot to listen:) lol. Just tell her that I think the key to this cake is to add cashews and then let it set for a good 24 hrs. His recipe counts on the gelling of the agar. My changes count on the extra cashews. Other recipes are either/or. I chose both.

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  2. Oh, I do like a good cheesecake! Blueberry is one of my favourites, as well as good old, French vanilla. It always fascinates me, how many of our holidays are reversed. Your father’s day, seems to be in summer – where as, in Australia, it’s in the first few weeks of spring – which would be your autumn. Still a day to celebrate though. I’m glad you got to enjoy cheesecake with Garry. 🙂


    • Oohh, French vanilla sound wonderful! I a,ways get confused at the differences as well. What fascinates me alot is the food traditions though. Since they are basically weather based…Garry grew up barbecuing on Christmas for example, while we had roasted leg of lamb.


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