I accidentally switched themes on this blog instead of the Healing Mark. I have been having trouble with some of the features on both actually-they have been buggy-comments disappeared on the display all of a sudden on the art blog and this one seems to have a notification delay attached to it.  Maybe this is a good thing then:) I will attend to the details such as blog links soon.  I want to test this theme out for bugs for a couple of days. Please let me know if you encounter issues on either of my blogs.

In the meantime, raw foods tip-do not grow wheat grass in summer when there are fruit flies running amuck;)

and tip #2

When a recipe calls for fresh raw strawberries, DO NOT…and I mean NEVER EVER-beleive it will solidify without freezing. Here is a frozen strawberry, chocolate truffle-raw except for the chocolate.

DSCF0002 2.JPG


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