Slow around here

I honestly have not been making food as much lately because I am going through a stage where whatever I eat makes me feel too full. This in turn ruins my appetite. This has been an ongoing issue with me for years and I’m not sure its cancer related as much as gut health related. So out come the digestive enzymes.

I have actually been fermenting things but have no photos to show tonight. Thats another integral part of gut health.

Next week, I have another scan. It has taken this long to get it approved by insurance since my second opinion appointment in June. Theres a special place in hell foranimals that run insurance scams…I mean…preapprovals. PET scans are standard to cancer. They are the only way to see if tumors are active. Not sure why the morons who refused it initially deemed it medically unnecessary…stupidity? Meanness? Are they unqualified to make medical decisions? I believe thats likely.

At anyrate, I have been okay until I got news of the appointment and now I feel anxious again. Theres more news on that horizon but I’m not sure that  I’m ready to mention it as it seemed a little improbable to me. I want to hear it again before I invest in it…its neutral news but it leads me to think that something odd is going on. Sorry to be mysterious about this.

But hey, check out The Healing Mark…thats where all the action is these days:)


2 thoughts on “Slow around here

  1. Insurance scams, for sure. They’re willing to take your money in, but not willing to give it back when it’s needed. I’ve felt it in regards to the floods. Legally the assessor should have approved our claim, and they took advantage of our traumatised situation – hoping we wouldn’t be in the right mind to challenged their decision. Which we didn’t.

    It was only for $200 worth of damage too. But we decided to let it slide, as we could pay. It meant it didn’t affect our premium either (what you pay every year) because we didn’t successfully make a claim. Still though, I know the sophisticated morons you speak of. 😉 Very good, at being very bad at approving what you’re legally entitled to. But they want you to pay for the lawyers, to push them to do their jobs properly.

    Thank goodness you finally got approval though. I hope you are feeling centred soon. 🙂

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    • Yes, they play the energy and emotional drain game hoping you will go away or die. We are trapped so they can do as they please. When a person is sick, its harder still. But my doctor fought this one for me. I do wonder what my treatment might be like though if insurance simply delivered. I bet I might be recieving state of the art everything.


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