Welcome. I have a shiney new blog! I am writing about a lifestyle change that I am making, that of cancer healer and healed. I am using the alkaline diet as a therapy and because its fairly new to me in practice, this blog will attempt to teach the concepts as well as show how its done.

I am particulary interested in keeping it simple and accessible because when a cancer patient undertakes a project, many things can be a challenge. We dont all have supportive caretakers, or healthy ones for that matter. I have support in my husband but he has health challenges too. For me, this means I have to be able to do these things on my own on a regular basis. Accessible isn’t just about ease , its about budget. Cancer patients often can’t work so an expensive , secret , super fruit from the Amazon just doesnt cut it for us.

Spirituality is important to healthy lifestyle in my life and maybe yours too. I am currently working within the Catholic Saint and Marian mystical traditions though I am not at all averse to other ideas. Infact, next to my current questing, shamanism is important to me.

Mind, Body, Spirit…..thats what it clmes down too here. Please comment and enjoy!